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The online store e-Cigarette.EU thanks you for your interest in our products and for visiting our online store. Please, consider the following. You may need to enter some personal information on our site during registration. When you place an order in any online store, it is necessary to enter this data for the delivery of your order. We guarantee that if you enter your personal information, it will be stored in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Accordingly, prior to entering such data, you should be familiar with the privacy law in the Republic of Lithuania.
If you have any questions, you can contact our main office using the feedback form (you may write in Lithuanian, English or Russian).
In the event of any disputes arising in relation with the ambiguous interpretation of these Rules, the original material in the English language shall be considered as having a priority. Versions in other languages are provided on this website solely to facilitate understanding of legal terms and definitions by users of the site.

Legal reservatio

e-Cigarette.EU appreciates your interest in our products and visiting our online store. Please take into account the following. For registration on our Web-site you may need to enter some personal data. When ordering in any online store such data entry is required for delivery of your order. We guarantee that if you enter your personal data, they shall be stored in accordance with the laws of Republic of Lithuania. Accordingly, prior to entering such data, you should be familiar with privacy laws of Republic of Lithuania.
In case of any disputes arising due to varying interpretations of these Regulations, the English version shall prevail. Versions in other languages ​​are available on this Web-site solely to facilitate understanding of legal terms and definitions by the Web-site users.




Welcome to the Web-site of e-Cigarette.EU! Our company is a European vendor of electronic cigarettes and related products! Our Web-site is primarily intended for those who want to buy products of guaranteed quality, without putting their health at risk. It is always important for us to know what you think about our company and the quality of our work. We always try to fulfill all wishes of our customers, but there are some rules that we have established for our work and which we shall not waive in all circumstances.
Thus, by using this Web-site, you agree to the rules set forth below and accept the fact that we are entitled to amend them at any time without prior notice. Visitors of e-Cigarette.EU may not alter or breach these rules.


By registering on e-Cigarette.EU, you agree that no one except for you shall receive information about your username and password to log in to your personal account using your name. You also acknowledge that it is done in your best interest and only you shall be personally responsible for all actions taken using your account.
We shall also make every possible effort on our part to block any access of third parties to your personal data which you entered when registering. You expressly agree to immediately inform e-Cigarette.EU in the event that you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account. You also acknowledge that all information about yourself that you entered or shall enter in the course of registration on this Web-site is true, accurate and complete. In the event of any changes in your personal (contact) data, you must immediately amend your personal information.


You hereby expressly agree that the administration of our Web-site may at any time and without prior notice block your access to e-Cigarette.EU in the event that the administration decides that your actions are illegal in relation to the Web-site or legislation.


Only adults may purchase on e-Cigarette.EU. In other words, by effecting a purchase on this Web-site, you guarantee that at the time of purchase you are over 18 years old.


You hereby guarantee that using this Web-site you agree not to violate the laws of a country in the territory of which you currently reside. In our discretion, we are entitled at any time without notification to inform supervisory authorities of all your actions that may seem suspicious to us.


By placing your order on e-Cigarette.EU, you expressly agree that you shall be required to pay the order by any means available on our Web-site. In this case, we reserve the unconditional right to accept or reject your order in our sole discretion. This also applies when you have received our written confirmation of an order. We implement such policy because we cannot in any way guarantee the receipt of your money from a bank in the event that any financial transactions on your account or your credit card are stopped by the issuing bank.


All taxes related to our activities are determined by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.
If you have to pay any taxes under the laws of your country upon the delivery of your order – you should be aware of this fact prior to placing your order.
In many countries, you have to pay the VAT when receiving goods from China, in accordance with local regulations. In such cases a refusal to receive the parcel is not the basis for getting a refund for the full amount of the order, and we will refund the money you paid minus shipping costs (both ways) and a 10% penalty.


All products ordered in our online store are shipped directly from our warehouse in China via the postal service FedEX with the opportunity to track the location of parcels.
We guarantee that our products are 100% original and the items ordered correspond to the items sent. You will get only what is pictured in the photo of the product. After you have placed your order and paid for it, we send it for processing. You will get an automatic notification about the order. Please read it carefully and if you find any inaccuracies in the delivery apress, please contact us immediately using the contact form to make the necessary changes.
Every day the availability of goods in stock is carefully monitored and all changes are made into the online store. However, in the event you have ordered and paid for products that are not available in the warehouse, you will be contacted by store staff and offered to select other similar goods, or be placed on the “waiting list”, if the date of arrival of the missing goods to the warehouse is known, or to have your payment refunded.
All orders are shipped within 2 business days. After the actual shipment, a notification with a parcel tracking number will be sent to you within two business days. In most cases, the tracking number is sent to you the next day after the shipment.
Typically, the tracking number is available for tracking during 1–2 days after the actual shipment.
The price of delivery is fixed and does not depend on the quantity of goods ordered.
Cost of delivery via FedEX  – 49.00 Euro.


If you have received faulty goods or goods damaged during transportation, you should inform us using our feedback form during 5 days after receiving the parcel. A store operator will offer you to send either a photo or video proof of the faulty goods, or to send the goods directly to our company.
After our technical department confirms the problem as a manufacture defect, a new product will be sent to your apress or your money will be refunded.
Please note that all atomizers, cartomizers, removable clearomizers and other heating elements are not covered by warranty terms, and thus cannot be returned or replaced.


During the transportation, the parcels are repeatedly exposed to physical impacts. Therefore, we do not exclude a theoretical possibility that, despite the thorough professional packing of goods, some of them may be damaged during transportation.
In this regard, we ask you – if you have doubts about the integrity of the contents of your parcel (for example, there are visible dents from impacts on the box or the packaging is damaged or you can see traces of moisture) – to open the parcel directly at the post office and take a video of it, even by your mobile phone.
If you have found deformed goods inside, we ask you to send us an application in a free form, attaching the video footage to the letter.
In such cases, another parcel will be sent to your apress to replace the damaged goods.


The Administration of the Web-site of e-Cigarette.EU shall make every effort to ensure that all information provided on our Web-site is complete and accurate. However, you still may find some errors or omissions in materials presented on our Web-site, as its content often changes very quickly and the administration is not always able to thoroughly check and constantly monitor everything.
You hereby expressly agree that you shall make no claim against anyone in relation to the given circumstances. This limitation of liability is comprehensive and in any case applies to all damages of any kind.


The Web-site administration acknowledges that an operator may misprint in the process of entering information about a product. The administration of the Web-site also acknowledges that misprints are possible both in price and description of any item. Accordingly, if you make an order using data mistakenly entered by an operator, then we reserve the absolute right to deny you the fulfillment of the order made by​​ you and the supply of the product according to the price or description mistakenly entered by an operator. We shall specify price or description of the product valid at the time of your order and shall inform you by e-mail. If new data do not satisfy you, the order shall be canceled within 72 hours upon e-mail notification by the administration of the online store. If prior to your notification about the invalidity of the price or description of the product you have already made payment, then you shall be refunded the amount you paid in full.


The Web-site of e-Cigarette.EU may contain external links to other Web-sites. However, the administration of the Web-site shall not bear any responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of any information presented on those Web-sites. Moreover, e-Cigarette.EU shall not be responsible for any risks or losses incurred by you as a result of visiting these Web-sites.


Any claim made against the administration of e-Cigarette.EU shall be governed by the laws of France. We do not state that the products sold on our Web-site may be suitable for purchase and be legally used in any other country. If you make a purchase from outside France, you do so at your own risk and you shall bear all legal responsibility for compliance or violation of the laws of your country. If you fail to receive or use any products sold in our online store due to violation of any local laws, we shall neither refund you money no accept the products back.


If any of the foregoing provisions of these Regulations is to some extent completely or partially invalid, illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall still be fully enforced to the extent permitted by applicable law by all participants of activity related to the purchase of electronic cigarettes and accessories on the Web-site.


Any customs duties levied in the country of the consignee are not our responsibility. In most cases, any goods purchased for personal use are exempt from customs duties. However, you should check yourself the exact value of the minimum amount, within which the parcels are not subject to taxes, in accordance with the laws of your country.
However, please note that if you buy a small lot, a customs officer will have to register it as a commercial shipment and you will have to pay the VAT at a rate applicable in your country.